Dr. Dina Yousef, LPC

Dina specializes in treating sexual and emotional trauma, life transitions, anxiety, depression, academic stress, grief, PTSD, and self-esteem. In her work with children, she specializes in behavioral issues, ADHD, and peer-relationship skills. She also has experience navigating the adjustment process with children and families post-adoption. 


Cherish Graff, LPC

Cherish specializes in treating sexual, emotional, and physical trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, life transitions, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, addiction, and couples issues. She utilizes therapeutic play with children and works with teens on issues such as self-harm, ADHD, behavioral issues, self-esteem, and family conflict.


Karina Gutierrez, LPC-Intern Under Supervision of Dr. Ryan Holliman, LPC-S

Karina specializes in treating sexual, emotional, and psychological trauma, addiction, life transitions, anxiety, and depression. Utilizing Play Therapy, Karina works with young children with behavioral issues, ADHD, adjustment stress, family conflict, and grief.