Are you currently unhappy in your job?

Have you found that your once exciting and challenging career now feels dull and draining?

Do you find yourself commuting to work in dread, rather than with excitement or even contentment? 


Finding the right path with Career Counseling

We all experience highs and lows in our work life, but we do not have to commit ourselves to a lifetime of work that we hate and spend countless hours dreaming of taking a different path. Regardless of where you find yourself in terms of your education and work experience, there is always the opportunity to change your vocational path and find something that works better for you.

At Dallas Counseling and Treatment Center, our counselors have specific training in career and vocational development and counseling. Additionally, we have experience helping many others making the transition from an unsatisfying career to one that is more promising and fulfilling. We offer an inclusive package that we feel can help you explore new options, make an informed decision about a new career to pursue, and help take the practical steps necessary to make the change.

Our Career Counseling Program includes:

  • Consultation with a trained profession regarding your current career dissatisfaction, your work experience, and vocational interests.
  • Assessment with standardized measures to assess vocational aptitudes and interests with a detailed discussion of these findings.
  • Planning and goal-setting to help develop a practical plan for attaining a chosen career.
  • Cover letter and resume preparation from a professional, experienced editor.
  • Brief and extended "follow-up" session to check progress and monitor goal attainment on as as-requested basis.

For more information regarding program availability and cost, please contact us by following the link below.