The Basics

Ayurveda is Sanskrit meaning “science of life” and is a  consciousness-based approach to alternative healing involving the connection of  mind and body. Ayurveda medicine is a form of traditional medicine that originated in India and has evolved for thousands of years to become a sophisticated and natural way that encourages prevention and active participation in ones own health. However, Ayurveda is more than mind body connection. It is about listening to signals of body and making more conscious and healthy decisions. It is considered an ideal way of living to the fullest potential as an extension of nature to create balance. According to Sushas Kshirsagar in Ayurvedic Wellness: the Art and Science of  Vibrant Health, we have made an unnatural life and correcting this requires changing the way we live and how we are connected to the universe.

Mind-Body Type

There are three energies, or doshas, involved in determining your mind body type, which is your body’s natural state of being. These doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each individual has one or two dominate dosha. Find out your mind body type here. Decide what you want to change and commit to your health. Write down goals and be mindful of experiences and surroundings to improve quality of life.