Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement, by Katy Bowman, is a creative look at how movement, specifically walking, can affect your body, and walking while listening to the audio book version is encouraged. We are often taught that exercising a few times a week is sufficient for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Bowman rejects this notion and states that simple items such as sidewalks and shoes, while comfortable, are actually damaging our bodies by requiring less effort to walk and balance.

We are Captive in Our Current State

Bowman compares whales that are held in captivity to what we have become as a society of individuals confined to our desks and homes. When whales are unable to swim freely in the ocean they develop what she refers to as “floppy fin” from the lack of movement, where the dorsal fin slumps over to one side. Although, Sea World claims this is a “genetic issue”. She also refers to many items as “casts” because they shape different parts of the body and are similar to the way an actual cast deteriorates muscles in a broken limb. See Bowman’s blog for a list of casts.

Exercise and Nutrition

Bowman suggests rethinking the term exercise and instead of engaging in high intensity movement for a few hours per week, use the body in a full range of motions throughout the day. Also included is a list of exercises for optimal body movements. Nutrition is also suggested through a paleo-like diet, however, as a vegan, this is the only disagreement I have with Bowman’s approach.

Overall, Move Your DNA is surprisingly eye-opening and will require several re-readings, or diligent note-taking, to absorb all of the information.