There are thousands of free quality applications for smart phones that are highly recommended for anyone interested in incorporating various creative processes. Here is a compiled list of the top apps, by category.

Apps for Creative Brainstorming

Download these apps for those spontaneous brainstorming sessions to generate and sketch ideas.

InkFlow Visual Notebook (Qrayon, LLC) allows you to record ideas is a sketchbook-like “pen-on-paper” format. This app is a must-have for brainstorming and sketching creative ideas. You can copy, paste, and edit graphics, as well as quickly add text to the image. Available only in the App Store.

Brainsparker (Godard Int., Ltd.) is a brilliant app that provides inspirational quotes and challenges to spark creativity and motivation. This is the perfect app to kick start a brainstorming session for yourself or for a group. Brainspark is only available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Apps for Creative Writing

Check out these apps for your smart phone to make the process of creative writing more efficient. For more information on the psychology of creative writing, read this previous post about Analyzing the Link: Creative Writing and Mood.

Inkvite (Easttree, Ltd.) combines social networking and creative writing allowing you to collaborate and make new friends while perfecting your writing skills. Receive feedback on your work and read stories that others have written. Available only in the App Store.

Name Dice (Thinkamingo) is the solution to your character naming nightmare! If you draw a blank when trying to think of fictional character names, try out this unique app for ideas. Available in the App Store, on Google Play, and at BlackBerry World.

Apps to Expand Your Creativity

Skillshare (Skillshare, Inc.) provides free (and paid) online classes and projects including film, photography, and typography design. Get inspired by viewing the work by other students and receive constructive criticism on your work. Available online or in the App Store.

Elevate Brain Training (Elevate, Inc.) aims to train the brain using 29 activities to target areas such as memory, comprehension, spelling, and recall through various games and challenges. Brain training stimulates the mind using a personalized program based on initial test results that indicate which areas are the weakest. Available in the App Store and on Google Play.