What is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)?  

In short, the MMPI is a widely used psychological test that assesses personality traits and psychopathology. While MMPI is primarily intended for testing individuals with suspected mental health or other clinical issues, it is also a standard requirement for anyone interested in a career in law enforcement. The version of the MMPI that Dallas Counseling and Treatment Center uses is the MMPI-, which has 567 true/false questions. There is a shorter, revised version, however, the MMPI- has a large research base that we feel more comfortable with.   

What does the MMPI-2 test? 

 The MMPI- is designed with 10 clinical scales which evaluate major categories of abnormal human behavior and four validity scales which measure the person's general test taking attitude and whether they answered the questions in a truthful manner. Basically, the MMPI- has built in components to detect deception or manipulation. 

The MMPI- can greatly assist your psychiatrist and therapist with determining a diagnosis for you as well as assist them in treatment planning. This test can provide your clinician with a great deal of information about you in a short period of time, which in some cases, can speed up the therapy process.   

How accurate are the results?  

The most accurate results come from an analysis of data collected from interviews or observations of an individual in combination with the MMPI-. Since the MMPI- can only be administered by trained professionals, you cannot find the test online. It is commonly run by a computer nowadays, but still requires an interview with a clinician who is doing the testing. After the computer scores the test results, the psychologist writes a report interpreting the test results in the context of the person's history and current psychological concerns.  

What is the cost of the MMPI-2 test?  

If you are interested in the MMPI at Dallas Counseling and Treatment Center, the cost is $250. This includes a meeting with your testing clinician and the administration of the test. If you are seeing a DCTC therapist, that person will meet with you separately to review the results of the test. If you need an entire test report to take with you to another mental health provider or psychiatrist, we charge an additional $100, as this is a very lengthy report. 

We are also able to offer payment plans where you can put down a deposit, schedule your appointment and pay the remainder that day.  

Are you ready to take the test?  

If you are ready to take the next step, please request an appointment online by completing the contact form or email us directly at appointment@dallasctc. We strive to return all calls and emails within a 2 hour time frame during normal business hours.